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If you are in the used Jeeps market it’s likely your goal is to get a reliable vehicle and save money over the new Jeep prices while you hope to avoid buying a batch of headaches .  There are a number of things you can do to make sure you get the absolute best value for the significant investment you are going to make.  In this guide we’ll offer some how-to tips for making sure you get what you pay for, maybe even more.

You might want to start by determining which model of the used Jeeps you want. Answer a few questions: how many passengers will typically ride? What is the weight and size of the gear you plan to haul? What, if anything, do you plan to tow? How much off-road driving will you be doing?

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Other Jeeps

Once you have the answers in front of you start educating yourself about the models of used Jeeps on the market. Read Jeep information online from independent reviewers, or stop in at a meeting of a local Jeep club – or just sidle up to any Jeep owner you know and pick their brains about their vehicle, its capabilities and short-comings. You’ll soon narrow down your search for used Jeeps to a handful of models that will do what you want them to do.

When you know the models of used Jeeps you most want to consider find out key information from online sources. Determine what mileage range is normal for the models and years under consideration. You’ll know to avoid high mileage models when you do that. Secondly, know what used Jeeps of those years and models should cost on the market. This will prevent you from overpaying for your ultimate purchase. Find out what options and features those models came with so you’ll know how to price the used Jeeps based on whether they are loaded with options or are stripped down models.

Once you’ve determined which model or models you want, from which years, you are ready to look at specific used Jeeps. Here, another set of questions will help. Ask for the mileage and evaluate whether those are low miles or high. Ask if the person is the original owner, and if not, under what circumstances he or she bought the vehicle. Ask for a maintenance history, if available. And look into getting a used auto report from one of the companies that will give you the used Jeeps repair history. Knowing if it has suffered structural damage in a collision or was submerged in a flood could save you headaches and money.

Once you’ve educated yourself about what good used Jeeps should have going for them you’ll greatly increase the likelihood that you’ll select a model that will suit your needs very well and offer years of outstanding service.

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